Hello, and Happy New Year! (5 Days Later …)

Okay, so I’ve again decided to take time out of my oh so busy and exciting life to blog. Hey, it’s 2008, a new year, time to make changes, no?

But I’m still being somewhat lazy about it, so instead of writing about my New Year’s Eve experience, I’ll simply quote the Facebook note I got from my friend Morgan the next day. Read about my shameful behavior after the jump.

so i have all your stuff in my apartment. I went for a drink with my friend and he kidnapped me and took me to the bronx and would not bring me home, and i got really fucked up and left me phone in his car – this is why i did not pick up this morning.
so here is what happened last night: you got in a fight with the black door girl, they tried to kick you out, one doorman looked out and brought you back in. then you had to throw up so we went outside around the corner and i sat you on a stoop. you were sick and then you fell asleep, i met very nice people who did not rob you when i went back inside to get our coats. i had to bribe a cab driver with your hundred (sorry! but i had no choice! :-/ ) and three good samaritans carried you in the backseat. we came to my building and my landlord helped me put you in the laundry room lol cause i live on the 5th floor and its a walkup!
then i went for a drink with my friend and here we are….
i have been calling you…give me a call when you get this.
i am glad you got home safe, i have your keys, some money, your id and bank card, and your coat. i didnt want anyone to rob you 😦

i am not mad and i am not stressing so don’t be embarrassed.


Let’s just say I’ll never have Jager ever again. Thank God there are no pictures.

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