AC Person of the Week: ScriptGirl

So, one of my favorite new people on this planet Earth is ScriptGirl, a Hollywood insider who, each week, brings us news of the latest screenplay deals. She describes herself thusly:

For the last 2 years I’ve been working as an assistant to an old school Hollywood producer. He’s sort of a Jack Warner/Benito Mussolini hybrid, infamous for sleazy-ish behavior and general jackassery. Also, lucky for me, he hates “those f***ing internets!” Not only am I woefully underpaid, but he also demands that I compile daily script sales info and read it to him as if he were a dimwitted child. Now I’ve decided to grab hold of the affirmative and use my “job skill” to make the world a better place for my fellow screenwriters while simultaneously making online mega-stars of my desk and office wall. Please aggressively disseminate my reports to that end. 😉

I will be posting her videos as they become available. You can also check her via her YouTube page or her MySpace page. And tell her I sent you, haha!

One response to “AC Person of the Week: ScriptGirl

  1. Thanks so much, sweetie.


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