Is Ne-Yo Really Dissing Chris Brown?

Okay, now I’ve heard everything. I like the pop-&-B music of both young Chris Brown and Ne-Yo, so it’s difficult to really believe they are embroiled in some kind of beef. (I may be mistaken, but hasn’t Ne-Yo written songs — hit songs, at that — for Young Brown?) So imagine my surprise when I hear that Ne-Yo has crafted a diss record, supposedly leveling shots at CB.

R&B cats dissing each other via song, you say. Isn’t that strange? Why, yes, it is, although it’s admittedly not completely unheard of. But what’s even stranger is that Mr. Irreplaceable isn’t singing in his diss track — he’s rapping. Limp braggadocio and lyrical clumsiness over the instrumental to Lil Wayne’s new classic “A Milli” after the jump.

Update: Okay, new video link. Enjoy.

So sick, indeed.

9 responses to “Is Ne-Yo Really Dissing Chris Brown?

  1. Um FIRST and ne-yo anit betta den Chris n hiz madd cuz every 1 lykez chris betta and he sold a millon and he didnt even sell a hundred naw idk bt about dat bt CHRIS iz betta ya dig So lyke dah David Banner Song u NEED 2 GET LYKE CHRIS

  2. all ya girls on chris’ dick. he might have sold more than neyo but but he is not nearly as good as neyo. im not saying that chris is wack because hes not. hes nice. but neyo is a beast..and he can freestyle lol.

  3. first chris brown does not write all those hits he have but guess who wirtes some of them NE-YO he might not be that great of a dancer but he can sing better and he appeals to a mor mature crowd most of the awards brown has one are mostly teen choice
    ne-yo can write very good music and has written for artist chris brown look up to lol

  4. CB started talkin’ shit first, fyi. He’s the one going around behind Ne-Yo’s back saying that ne-Yo ain’t got no talent and shit like that. I think CB is just jealous because Ne-Yo produces his girl, Rihanna. CB can talk all the shit he wants, but the bottom line is that Ne-Yo has been behind a lot of the hottest singers in the last 10 years including Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and a lot of others. And if I recall correctly, Ne-Yo wrote some of CB’s hit songs, so this goes out to CB: STFU NIGGA YOU AIN’T GOT NOTHIN’ ON MAH BOI NE-YO!

  5. dis is some stupid ish
    i could or sworn i saw both of these cats on the same stage at the same time at the BET awards either 06 or 07
    so this is kinda wack and probrably blown out of porpotion

  6. ne yo is da best ! So dont diss ma man!

  7. Chris Brown started it all by saying that he sold more albums than Ne-Yo.
    But to me and 90% of the living people Ne-Yo is the best of all.
    Chris Brown can’t do nothing,just because he sold a liitle bit albums than the man he thinks he’s better than him.
    Chris Brown needs to stop smelling his hair and he’ll see how Ne-Yo will dazzle the world with his amazing lyrical albums & hits.

  8. I’m glad ya’ll can see who’s da Bomb.I consider CB as a singer, just a singer.BUT Ne-yo is an artist.Okay the deference:A singer-sings nothin’ else but an artist do everythin’, from singin’ to everythin’ that people in etertainment industry do…


  9. yah I decided whoe got talent the one with the money ne-yo needs to keep his azz quite dont no body wanna here him rappin ant he gay or bi any way so how he gone try to play tuff if memory servs me right r-kelly was disrespecten him pretty bad when he toured under him didnt even give him a dressing room and told him to go home when he complaned.. im not realy into eather 1 of them but f-ck ne-yo

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