I’ve Got To Do More Things

The eras are ending, and I’m getting old.

So I read on Eater that Amy Sacco, one of my favorite Amazon women, has closed her restaurant Bette. Having been a fan of Amy due to her role in bringing prominence to New York nightlife, one of the things I’d wanted to do upon moving to the City was hit up her establishments, Bette and Bungalow 8. I had an opportunity to go to Bungalow a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday, but I allowed minor issues prevent me from doing so. And now, with the closing of Bette, I’ve let another opportunity slip by.

When I really sit and think about it, this is all quite very sad. Not just that the restaurant has closed, but that so many things we consider institutions and take for granted are slowly fading away. Oh, sure, I’ll visit next year. Oh, yeah, I’ll do that next month. Oh, pshaw, I’ll see that next week. Oh, man, I’ll wait until tomorrow. But the fact of the matter is, none of these nexts are promised to us. We’re all going to die before we do the first thing on our respective bucket lists.

So I’m making a pledge to do more things. To be more social, more active, more involved. And I’m talking about the little things that bring such joy, like taking a Sunday stroll through Central Park, or hitting up the MOMA, or having brunch at the place on Ninth Avenue that I always used to pass. I’m talking about seeing that Godard film that may be playing an exclusve engagement at a theater in the Village, or calling that sexy honey I met at Habana Outpost. Taking those trips to far away places like Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dubai, and Weehawken.

This is a promise I’m making to all of you, good people. And it’s something that I hope each of you will do as well. Do more. Get out and experience life. Be adventurous. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen. Write your own histories. That way, when your personal eras do come to their inevitable closings, you can stand there and proudly declare, “I did it.”

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