Hancock: I Am Asshole

One of the major curiosities of this summer’s movie slate has been is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-Scientologist Will Smith‘s latest vehicle Hancock. While it seems precious little of Vincent Ngo’s brilliant original script has been retained, the movie still promises to deliver on its concept of a dysfunctional, depressed superhero. And middle finger to the haters, I found the trailers to be quite hilarious.

Unfort, it doesn’t seem like the critics will warm to this film. Early reviews have started coming in, with one going as far as to compare Hancock to the Governator’s misunderstood classic Last Action Hero (another film I liked, so this may actually say something about my own tastes). My favorite of these early reviews comes from Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian.

Will Smith memorably starred in sci-fi movies […] such as I, Robot and I Am Legend. This one could be called I, Asshole or I Am Asshole, or perhaps just Asshole.

I hate the usage of leet speak and net slang, but that seriously made me LOL. Classic. And such sentiments will do nothing to dissuade me from seeing Hancock when it preems on July 2nd. The movie also stars Jason Bateman and Academy Award-winner Charlize Theron. For the two of you that have no idea what Hancock is all about, check the trailer below.

Photo courtesy of The Guardian.

One response to “Hancock: I Am Asshole

  1. I actually liked this movie!

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