“Saggin'” Spelled Backward Is What You Are

Crackdown on BrothasStraight outta Michigan: The Flint Police Department has released a graphic delineating the thresholds of indecency and corresponding fines and punishments for the crime of wearing and sagging baggy pants. Crackdown, indeed.

While I’m all for the Pull Your Britches Up movement, and I agree that such sartorial shenanigans are untoward and border on indecent — no one wants to see your Garfield drawers, boy! — is it truly necessary to threaten such offenders with jail time? What sense does that make? Is this really such an affront to the good, wholesome citizens of Flint, Michigan, that we must punish any offenders with a minimum of 3 months in jail?

The baggy pants aesthetic has never been one that I’ve subscribed nor been sympathetic to, you can’t deny that this is collusion, yet another conspiracy targeting urban youth, specifically the Black Man. No, I’m actually being serious here. What demographic other than African-American males from their teens to their *sigh* thirties wear pants in a similar manner? (By the way, brothers, if you are a man past the age of 21 and you still wear your fucking pants like this, get better!)

Thanks to the Philadelphia Will Do tumblr.

One response to ““Saggin'” Spelled Backward Is What You Are

  1. I’ve seen the indecent exposure way too much around the area that I’m from. This should be interesting.

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