Favs Nabbed For “Iron Man 2”

That was so fucking money. That was like the Jedi mind-shit.

That was so fucking money. That was like the Jedi mind-shit.

Hooray in Marvel Comicsville! Jon Favreau, director of this year’s biggest hit Iron Man as well as the movie in which Diddy plays a genuinely threatening, racially insensitive gangster, has finally secured the job of helming the Iron Man sequel.

There were doubts as to whether Favs was going to get the gig, which is surprising since the Story of Tony Stark has so far grossed $564 million. (That’s worldwide, folks.) Apparently, Marvel thought they had Obama-like nuts and were jackballing when it came to negotiations with Favs despite setting a 2010 release date for Iron Man 2. Favs opted not to take their shit and was pretty outspoken about his displeasure with the whole matter. Deadline Hollywood reported early this morning, though, that the director and Marvel have reached a deal, though DH blogger Nikki Finke thinks Favs was being a bit of an ass about the whole sitch:

Marvel Studios boss David Maisel was quick to put out a “definitely” richer offer to Favreau, but not quick enough for Jon — who used the Internet and other media to rile up the movie’s many fans by spreading nonsense that Marvel was dragging its feet and then lowballing him. Granted Maisel is no day at the beach himself, but, seriously, could Favreau have been more of an asshole.

Given how fast Marvel set the sequel’s release date, I can’t really say I blame Favs for wondering what the hell was up with his deal. In any case, good to see he will be around to helm the next in the franchise. Like everyone’s been saying, now the next challenge is determining who the Man of Steel (oh wait, isn’t that Superman?) will be facing off against next. Pic and additional info from JoBlo.

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