WALL•E Makes Fat People Cry

Sweep on, you fat and greasy citizens.

Sweep on, you fat and greasy citizens.

For those of you who’ve seen WALLE, the latest of Disney/Pixar’s computer animated box office smashes, you know that humanity is portrayed as being lazy, corpulent, and somewhat idiotic. It’s the result of becoming way too comfortable after having robots do everything for us.

Some people, however, have taken the film’s message a little too personally. Take Jessica Melusine here. She became so distraught while watching the film’s depiction of future humans as fatties, that she broke down and boo-hoo’ed through the entire movie and on the way home. So upset, Jessica wrote a letter to Pixar, excerpts of which follow after the jump:

Do you know what it feels like seeing a shipfull of fat people who exist to show how dissolute and horrible and wasteful people can be? I’ve had fat jokes directed at me. I’ve had people laugh at my pictures. Since childhood, I’ve even had family members poke fun at my body, where I’m supposed to “take a joke.”

I cried at the beginning looking at Wall-e’s gnomes and spork and endless work in the midst of a desolate city. I left crying because from Pixar—a company that shows love in strange places, how everyone has a place and how love and tenderness belong to creatures as different as a plastic mermaid and a plastic snowman—showed me that it’s okay to laugh at fat people, that it’s okay to have them as the butt of a joke yet again. Yes, I did leave crying but not for why I would have thought.

I don’t even know if I want to go see another Pixar movie ever again because of this.

Man up, Jessica! Do you think I let every stereotypical portrayal of Negroes seen in film, television, and other popular works upset me? The only reason I imagine you find this so upsetting is not because you “saw yourself” on screen as the butt of the film’s jokes, but because you saw your behaviors on screen. It was as if Pixar & Co. held a mirror up to you and said, “Jessica, you’re fucking up. And this is what will become of you if you don’t change your slovenly ways.”

You see, I’m not going to buy the whole “genetic obesity” argument, especially when you mention that other family members poke fun at you. That implies that you’re the only big person in the brood. Maybe it’s because you’re the only one that doesn’t run in the family. (See what I did there?)

And yes, yes, it’s true, there are those unfortunate people who are victims of their genetic heritage, but the vast majority of us are too lazy to exercise, eat properly, and generally take good care of our bodies — and I say “us” because I fall into that category as well. (One of these days I will stop researching gyms in my area and just go.)

As people, we are wasteful and thoughtless. We are too busy writing letters to animation companies instead of getting off our asses and being productive. You say you held out hope for the human characters in the film when you saw the fat couple “touch hands and smile at each other,” but they never got to dance like WALLE and EVE. Pixar’s message at that moment should’ve been pretty clear to you, Jessica. Don’t hope for a dance.

Get up and dance yourself.

5 responses to “WALL•E Makes Fat People Cry

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  2. Does behaving like this make you feel good about yourself, sir? I surely hope it does.

  3. Behaving like what, exactly?

    Behaving like someone who is willing to take responsibility for my actions, which in turn affect my physical appearance?

    Behaving like someone who refuses to let a cautionary tale determine my self-worth?

    Behaving like a sensible fucking person?

    Yes. Behaving in this capacity makes me feel like a king.

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