Wachowskis and Keanu Teaming Up Again?

Word according to CHUD is, The Wachowskis and Keanu Reeves may be teaming up again for a big-screen adaptation of Plastic Man. The article says Joel Silver, producer of The Wachowskis’ Matrix trilogy and this summer box-office disappointment Speed Racer, spilled the beans on a German radio show.

You’ll remember that a pre-Matrix Bros W wrote a Plastic Man script, which Ballack claims Silver said would be the basis for this new film. Our scooper also reports that Silver said they want the movie to have a global release at the end of 2009.

CHUD even recognizes the fantasic nature of this scoop, as they’ve gotten no confirmation from reps for either Keanu or the Wachowskis, so they urge us to “take this news with a grain of salt.” My favorite part of the article, however, comes at the end, where they chide the moviegoing public for not seeing Speed Racer in the theaters. While they erroneously say the film was PG-13 (it’s actually a kid-friendly PG), they do get something else right: “It was pretty good.”

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