Girls Just Wanna Have Fun … Playing Video Games?

Pretty in pink.

It’s no big secret that the video game industry is a male-dominated one, rife with titles like Grand Theft Auto, Street Fighter, and Pokemon. Even games that feature female protagonists, such as Tomb Raider, are primarily targeted to males, capitalizing on the fantasy of buxom bad-ass bitches taking no prisoners. One must wonder, though, is there truly a female demographic being underserved by the video gaming industry? Paramount Pictures thinks so, and as Variety tells us, they plan on rolling out titles based on Clueless, Mean Girls, and Pretty in Pink. No, I’m not kidding.

The three teen-pic properties represent the studio’s first investment in the low-cost casual vidgames it will co-publish this year and next before moving into more expensive console titles.

Sandi Isaacs, head of Par’s videogame biz, said she and her team picked those three pics to adapt first because they have more female appeal, and casual vidgames are primarily played by women.

Variety also reports that the films’ original casts are not likely to be involved in the development of the games, news which probably won’t go over well with former Teen Beat cover girl Molly Ringwald, who is desperately seeking a way to revisit the 80s.

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