Infant Flesh: The Other White Meat

It's what's for dinner.

It's what's for dinner.

I’m not entirely sure what was going on in the mind grapes of the good folks at pharmaceutical behemoth Bayer, but someone over there apparently thought these ads for a first aid cream were either a.) hilarious, b.) a good idea, or c.) both. Even the macabre ad copy hints that this is okay: “Heals their burn and your guilt, fast.” Wow.

Click on the mother spit-roasting her child at right for a better glimpse, then holler at the jump for an even more horrific visage of maternal cannibalism plus a few suggested recipes to add to your culinary repertoire.

Wait, were you really expecting to find links to recipes? You sick bastard.

You know something, though? There may actually be another use for these illustrations. I hear Jonathan Swift will soon publish a cookbook.

From Copyranter via Gawker.

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