Rudy Huxtable To Portray Object of Lesbian Lust in Tyler Perry Film

They grow up so fast.

Former Cosby kid and current video vixen/Bankamurrika drive-thru teller Keisha Knight-Pulliam has nabbed the role of Candy, an “imprisoned prostitute,” in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail. Yes, you’re right. Malcolm Jamal-Warner probably is somewhere asking himself, Why the hell does she get all the good roles?

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The Lionsgate comedy centers on Madea (Perry), whose penchant for trouble-making lands her behind bars. She comes to the rescue of Candy (Pulliam), a fellow inmate preyed upon by a large woman named Big Sal. [Derek] Luke is on track to play Joshua, an attorney who has a past with Candy

Sounds promising. Jail marks the final Tyler Perry film to be released under his current contract with studio Lionsgate before his new three-year development deal with them takes effect.

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