ScriptGirl Report 7-25-08


Shout out to the awesome and gorgeous ScriptGirl. Her videos continue to give me much motivation as they further my belief that what I’m penning is just as good as, if not outright superior to, what’s selling these days. Check the video after the jump.

And here … we … go!

The Roommate? Wait, didn’t they make that movie already under the name Single White Female?? And what’s with the whole “Hollywood producer writing a spec under a pen name so it’d be given a ‘fair shake’ in the marketplace” craziness?? Hmmm, yes, I’ll use my considerable connections to get the script read by every agency and studio in town, thus giving me a head start over everyone else … but they won’t know I wrote it! Insert curses and other vulgarities here.

And yes, they’re remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Btw, that Jaws parody is so surreal, ahaha.

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