So I Have To Change The Title of My Goddamn Script

One of the scripts I’d been working on, an urban thriller, has undergone numerous title changes over time. Because of the ensemble nature of the script, I decided on a title that seemed very fitting: Rogues Gallery.

Of course, Rogues Gallery is a very popular term, one certainly ripe for the picking when it comes to feature film titles. But according to the IMDb, there’s no upcoming feature slated with the title, and the last film to use it came out 40 years ago. I figured it was all good. Perfect title, awesome script (if I do say so myself), and memorable characters. This is going to be great!

Well, not quite. Here’s why.

In conducting my daily Google search on all things Maggie Q, I find out that she’s co-starring in an upcoming action comedy entitled, you guessed it, Rogues’ Gallery. Motherfucker. So sayeth Variety:

Ellen Barkin, Ving Rhames and Rob Corddry are starring in the indie comedy “Rogues Gallery.”

Michael Ohoven and Kevin Turen are producing via their Infinity Films shingle (“Capote”).

Spy romp takes place in an underground government intelligence agency.

Paris-based director Fouad Mikati is directing from a script by Brian Watanabe and Abe Levy.

Pic began shooting July 21 in Los Angeles, becoming one of the few films to go before cameras amid the de facto work stoppage.

Joe Anderson, Odette Yustman, Bob Odenkirk, Jeffrey Tambor, Maggie Q, Emilie de Ravin and Adam Scott round out the cast.

Fuck, man! Do you know how hard it is to come up with a great script title?! Also, while this pic has big names and nice production values, the premise kind of reminds me of a great little cheap-o straight-to-cable number named Mean Guns starring Ice T, Christopher Lambert, and Mercy from The Warriors. Awesome little flick, enjoy the trailer below while I attempt to come up with another (perfect) title for my script.

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