That’s the magnitude of the earthquake that hit 30 miles outside of Los Angeles about an hour ago. Yes. Earthquake.

Although, according to media outlets, 5.8 is moderate. As I’ve never been in an earthquake nor had to deal with them on a consistent basis, I have no idea how serious a so-called “moderate” quake really is, but I imagine it’s nothing to scoff at. I think some folks out there were scared shitless.

I hit up a good number of my Cali peeps to make sure they were okay. Facebook and MySpace status updates kept me abreast on how most of them are doing. Since the quake epicenter was outside the city, they didn’t suffer any real damage. But shit, from what I read, folks felt it as far away as Las Vegas.

Maaaaan … this is yet another reason why I think it’s best I stay in New York instead of trekking out there. I don’t know if I could put up with that shit.

Hope all my Angelenos are A-okay. Photos courtesy of CNN and Defamer.

2 responses to “5.8

  1. “Obama caused LA Earthquake”
    — latest PR from McSame campaign

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