Alexyss Tylor is Not Your Bust It Baby

Bust a move.

Bust a move.

We all love Alexyss K. Tylor. Hell, I know I do. She burst into pop culture consciousness thanks to her infamous “Penis Power” video, and her frank views on sex, love, lust, and the like have made this woman into something of an icon.

So in this latest video clip, Alexyss and company were discussing the age-old topic of “young men and old women fuckin’.” What bon mots did Alexyss share with us? Well, before she could really dig deep into the topic with her cohorts, the cameraman gave his opinion on the matter. Using the example of Whitney Houston and Ray J, he went on to describe the pop diva as Brandy’s brother’s “bust it baby.” He then made the mistake of saying who he wouldn’t mind having as his bust it baby:

For real, for real? I think I might have taken Alexyss up on her challenge. I know the power of my penis. At least, I like to think I do.

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