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… Like Bruce Lee Riding a Fuji in a Movie

That’s right, y’all. I’m switching up speeds.

Air Conditioning has been fun up to this point. I enjoy writing, scouring the net for funny shit to share with y’all, and being a bastard about everything. But I think I’m gonna change things up. While I’ll still share funny YouTube clips and still make fun of the idiots currently in the public eye, this blog will focus more on entertainment, namely screenwriting — specifically me and my projects — and film.

So, yes, that means I still plan on posting ScriptGirl‘s videos. Besides, she’s the bomb, yo.

There’s tons of exciting stuff that’s starting to happen, and tons of exciting stuff that I’m going to make happen. I want to share so much with you, but I’m waiting until the time is right. It’s still all cool, baby.

Thanks to all the good folks that come by and read the blog … sorry I haven’t responded to everyone yet, but I read all the comments and emails and I am very appreciative. 🙂

Oh, and if you don’t understand what this post’s title refers to, just holler at this video by Redman, “Can’t Wait.”

Summer Of Tears Presents “Teen Wolf”

Holler at this new sketch video by Summer Of Tears which lampoons that great classic 80s comedy Teen Wolf. They really dig deep, asking the questions and showing the things the original film didn’t but should have. I mean, I know I always thought the idea of girls falling out over a fucking werewolf was kind of odd.

But enough about what I think. Hit the jump and laugh your ass off.

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ScriptGirl Report 8-29-08

Ch-check it out, new script deals courtesy of the one and only SG.

Oh, and just to let everyone know, I’ve been totally inspired to pen my own internet-themed screenplay. That’s right: it’s going to be an action-packed romp filled with sex, violence, drugs, laughs, and tear-jerking moments. Something for the entire family! Get ready for The Craigslist Movie!

Peep ScriptGirl’s latest video after the jump.

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Monkey Business: Frustration With Writing Assignments, Part 1

I’ve always loved writing for a variety of reasons. It’s a wholly creative endeavor, one in which I am able to create characters, the worlds they inhabit, and the events they experience. Call it a God complex if you like, but I’ve always enjoyed that sense of creation and control. Because I can see everything so clearly in my mind’s eye, and also because I love movies so much, I figured that screenwriting would be the perfect medium to make use of my talents.

When I was younger, I had dreams of following in the footsteps of Black or Eszterhas, selling spec scripts for upwards of $3 million. In college, I bragged that I was going to become the Puff Daddy of Hollywood — whatever that meant — and take over the game. I almost came close once, actually. But then again, who hasn’t “almost come close,” right? Now that I’m older and wiser, however, I’ve come to accept that I may not sell that million dollar spec. It’s not going to stop me from trying, but now my focus is more on honing my craft and writing so well that I’m offered assignments. So far, so … well … just so.

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Does Your Child Look Like Barack Obama?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is actual news.

A Palm Springs mother says her four-year-old son looks like Barack Obama.

Patricia Smith says when she’s out in public, people comment that her son Rafael looks like Obama. “They call him the Obama kid because he looks like Obama, that’s what they say. When Obama started to run during the primaries, people started to comment and how I should send the pictures to the news.”

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7 MTV-Defining Stars Who Wouldn’t Be Allowed on MTV Anymore

Fuck it, I’m stealing this article wholeheartedly from Defamer because it’s so goddamn true. I was one of the many people who “grew up in a time where [MTV] was perceived as alternative, cutting-edge, and cool,” and I truly miss the network’s salad days.

In reading this, I thought back to times when music videos dominated, reality shows were new and carried an authentic air of excitement, and youth culture had a truly influential, substantial, and inspirational voice to rally around.

Oh, sadness engulfs me. As originally posted on Defamer: Here, then, are seven iconic MTV personalities who would have no place on a network that now fills its programming with multiple iterations of the “spoiled rich girl” reality genre:

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New Banksy Artwork in New Orleans

Gawker got their mitts on six photos of “brand new works by semi-secret superfamous street artist Banksy.”

All six are works that Bansky just put up in New Orleans, to commemorate the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on August 29. Some of the pieces relate directly the hurricane and its disastrous aftermath; others are targeted at the legacy of Fred Radtke, an infamous N.O. anti-graffiti crusader known as the “Gray Ghost” for his practice of painting over graffiti in gray paint — regardless of the color of the underlying wall.

Check them out after the jump.

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