OMG Paris Hilton 4 President!!

She's got my vote.

Some of you are well aware of my unconditional, inexplicable love for Paris Hilton. Hell, some of you even have the album I recorded with a song dedicated to her. But most of you wondered what the hell I saw in this beautiful woman to begin with. Well, truth is, Paris is just so fucking cool. Always has been, always will be.

As if more proof of her coolness was needed, check out this presidential campaign video Paris has put together in response to “that wrinkly white-haired guy” John McCain’s recent mocking “celebrity” ad against Barack Obama, one that includes a brief snippet of my favorite heiress. Not only does Paris name a potential waterproof candidate for VP, she also proposes one hell of an energy plan.

That’s hot.

PS, I will never forgive Wesley and Mark for cockblocking at Paris’ album release party at Suite a few years back. NEVER! Fuckers.

Propers to Funny or Die [via Defamer] for the video.

3 responses to “OMG Paris Hilton 4 President!!


    Date line Cyberspace 8/09/08 5:00pm EST

    Bam Bam Obama’s tops 24,000 Big Mac McCain now leads with less Bops!

    Bops for Obama break past Big Mac McCain!!!!!! Is this the Paris Bop effect?????

    Google bop-o-rama to see what is in the news!

    Movement to paint the White House PINK grows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Voters and Boppers seen defecting to Paris, and we don’t mean Paris France!!!!!!!

    McCain’s tops 24,000.
    Obama’s tops 25,000

    Hey she is totally hot! –Diddy Widdy unofficial spokesperson for The Paris Hilton for President campaign.

    Obama campaign has no comment at this time. Panic in Hawaii???

    Meanwhile, the McCain camp had the following to say.

    “Bop-O-Nomics! Could we please get someone in here to explain Bop theory of economics!”

    Paris is now talking more than painting the white house PINK. “Congress is a bit drab. No wonder they can’t get anything done.” PINK it is!!!!! I

    Your Bops Count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goooo PINK!!!!!!!!!!

    “Bop early and Bop often.” –Alphonso Carponzo

  2. The http://www. site is on fire!!!!

    McCain approaches 100,000 bops!!!!!!!!!

    Good night and good Day!!!!!!!!

    “Bop often and Bop often.” –Alphonso Carponzo

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