Beyonce Knowles Is The Hottest White Woman On The Planet!!

Cosmetics giant L’Oréal lightened the skin tone of pop & B supernova Beyoncé Knowles for a two-page ad that ran in a recent issue of Elle! Or they didn’t!

In any case, overly sensitive (and most likely dark-skinneded) Negroes OMG’d and SMH’d.

Eric Deggans, chairman of the media-monitoring committee of the National Association of Black Journalists, told the New York Post that publications need to be more careful in situations like this, as the idea that high yellow/redbone black folks are more acceptable than the darkies is still a major source of contention within the black community. According to Deggans, Beyoncé’s “skin is lighter [in the Elle ad] than the way I’m used to seeing her.” Oh, boo hoo.

Here’s a scan of the offending ad, click to enlarge:

Now do I think this is a problem? Yeah, sure, okay. Why not? White Barbie dolls and all, yeah, I get it. But the worsening economy, the impending energy crisis, genocide in Darfur — iono, those things seem to be just a tad more important in my eyes. Maybe I’m wrong.

*sigh* The issues that we, as a people, choose to concern ourselves with sometimes. SMH.

Horribly offensive racist whitewashed ad scan from Oh No They Didn’t.

3 responses to “Beyonce Knowles Is The Hottest White Woman On The Planet!!

  1. You know, if you read the blog on media that I maintain, you will see posts on politics, TV shows, important obituaries and more — along with an item on the Beyonce ad.

    You know, it’s possible to care about more than one thing at a time.

  2. I’ve worked with several makeup artists that have worked with Beyonce and they have all confirmed she’s much lighter in person then when you see her in the media. “high yellow” has often been used to describe her skin tone. I am not saying she wasn’t digitally enhanced for this ad, but nowadays who isn’t?

  3. yall crazy talkin bout beyonce’s skin being lightened 4 loreal.. she is LIGHT! i mean i seen white people darker than that girl! i luv ha and she pretty, but lets face it- she dont look too black. she aint bleaching, her skin is naturally white..

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