Canada is Blowing Up!

Break out the marshmellows.

Break out the marshmellows.

Some bad shit happened at a propane factory in Toronto, resulting in evacuations and explosions to rival The Joker’s terrorist shenanigans in The Dark Knight. From what I understand, these explosions are taking place in the Keel & Wilson area. I was initially informed this was because of five million spilled barrels of oil, but hey, who knows what the fuck really happened.

You won’t find too much by way of Google search just yet, but so you won’t think I’m making shit up, CNN has a one line blurb about it on their homepage. Crazy, insane pics and videos after the jump.

UPDATE: Reports are starting to come in now, including this mention on Canada [dot] com:

At around 4 a.m., several large explosions erupted from what is said to be a propane factory in the city’s northwest end, setting off giant fireballs and loud explosions.

Photos found on Flickr. There are more pics over at PhotoJunkie as well. Vids, of course, are YewTewb’d. Propers to Iceberg for the initial scoop, given at a message board I frequent.

First, you got beheadings on Greyhound buses, now this shit. What in the fuck is happening up there in America’s Hat?

One response to “Canada is Blowing Up!

  1. Reginald Pantin

    I would like to use the marshmallow cloud explosion image in a poster I am working on. Do you know the original source of the image. Inbox me asap please.

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