Isaac Hayes, Rest in Peace


From WMC-TV:

Musician Isaac Hayes died early Sunday morning, according to Shelby County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Shular.

A Shelby County sheriff’s deputy responded to Hayes’ home after his wife found him on the floor near a treadmill inside his home.

Hayes was taken to Baptist East Hospital in Memphis, where he was pronounced dead at 2:08am.

Deputies with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department are continuing their investigation into Hayes’ death, but they believe no foul play was involved.

Now this hits me just a bit more than Bernie’s death because I grew up in Memphis and with Ike’s music. Most young people today only know him as the voice of Chef from South Park, but the man really changed the music landscape with classic releases such as Hot Buttered Soul, To Be Continued …, and the Shaft soundtrack, for which he won an Academy Award for the main title theme. His music has been sampled by countless hip-hop acts, from Mary J. Blige to Snoop to Jay-Z to Wu-Tang Clan to Ashanti. Listen to couple of his classic tracks after the jump.

“Walk on By”

“The Look of Love”

And one of my personal favorites, “Ike’s Mood, Part 1”

Yet another great talent, another great black artist, that we’ve lost. He will be missed.

One response to “Isaac Hayes, Rest in Peace

  1. This was a shock for me. I just saw the man live in Prospect Park on June 12th?!?!?

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