They Shootin’! Aw, Made You Look! Georgian Reporter Hit By Sniper’s Bullet

The conflict between Russia and Georgia, which caused the geographically-challenged to believe Atlanta and other parts of the American South were under siege, continues to frighten and amuse. A Georgian television news reporter was shot while live on the air.

Tamara Urushadze was reporting live when a sniper decided it would be fun to bust a cap in her ass.

From This is London:

In the footage, she gasps as the first bullet grazes her left arm, and instinctively jumps sideways as four more whizz past.

In shock, she slumps to the ground as the cameraman rushes to her side.

A studio presenter’s voice is heard saying: ‘You can see that something has happened during live coverage. Unfortunately we don’t know what.’

Then Miss Urushadze is on air again, sitting in a van a few yards away and showing the camera her grazed arm.

She tells viewers: ‘I have been hit by a bullet. You can see I am scratched here. Most likely it was a sniper.

‘It has most likely been a light weapon as it’s a minor wound. There is no one to be seen here and I have no idea who shot me.’

She was later taken to hospital.

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