Alexyss Tylor Makes Love To Herself

Touch your vagina. Hold your vagina.

Touch your vagina. Hold your vagina.

Some of you ladies would do yourselves good if only you had the sense to listen to Alexyss K. Tylor. She continually takes it upon herself to educate the masses about bust-it-babies, mulattoes and niggers, and barbers who want to get up in your son’s bootie hole. She’s nothing if not observant.

But here, the lovely Ms. Vagina Power really wants you ladies to understand what it means to love yourself. Many of you do not love, honor, or respect your vagina. That’s a major problem, she thinks, and so she’s going to get at you with suggestions as to what you should do in order to promote that sense of self-love. So throw on your “fuck ’em girl” dress, light some candles, press play on the Floetry CD and check Alexyss out after the jump. Yow.

All you gotta do is say “yes,” Alexyss, and I’m there. 😉

8 responses to “Alexyss Tylor Makes Love To Herself

  1. thank you so much for your wonderful commentary and posting my video on your blog thank you

  2. This lady with her fixation on her vagina is a New Age whore who is being used by satan who unfortunately is the god (small “g” of this world). She is spreading her legs and her filth in the form of fake healing and wisdom. She worships her sexuality and is headed for an eternity apart from the true and living Lord of the Universe – Jesus Christ!

  3. im a tru fan. she gives the real and is so hot with it.

  4. I want to fuck her real good !!!

  5. For those who are spiritually rich and not physically bound{karma} who really seek to ascend to the fifth dimension and beyound wake-up!!!!!!!
    Do you really think our Ancient Ancestors the true Masters of this Universe placed so much emphasis on sex and sexuality. Read the wisdom of Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus contained in the Emerald Tablets or the Kybalion a well know work for those in the Metaphysical Circles. Ultimately if the Creator is Mind and we exist in The Mind of the Creotor a soul having a material physical experience,should we allow our selves{souls} to held back because of sex?

  6. Some of her words have meaning but she is obsessed with blatant sex acts and tries to validate it by elevating it to the level of gods and goddesses. It takes a lot more to be goddess than profanity and spreading your legs and learning to give oral sex. What about helping to clean up our earth and helping unwanted children to have good homes. Those are the real goddesses. Not someone writhing and licking her lips in from of you tube. If that’s all it took to elevate your consciousness, every prostitute on the street corner would be a goddess and we all know they can’t help nobody but the pimps..

    • blatant writhing lip likkin ignorant

      Tina … You wanna hook up wid Joe Junkins? You an him can breed us some little gods & godesses. sho us ignorants how its done. Den wen u done y’all step out dere an clean up de earth. Get rid of all dem whacked creatures wid their lip likkin ways dat your GOD made. Go ahead. Make HIS day.

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