“Batman 3” Movie Posters!

Last week, a couple of fan-made Batman posters made their way around the interweb, causing quite a stir because of their near-professional level design. The posters were very detailed, seemed to stay within the spirit of what Christopher Nolan has done in his interpretation of the Batman mythos, and they touted The Riddler as the main villain. Very cool, indeed.

But then my man Josh MC over at DeviantART said, “Meh. Whatevs, I can do better.” And in my opinion, he has.

Josh stayed with the concept of individual charater posters a la The Dark Knight, creating one not only for The Riddler, but for Catwoman and Harley Quinn as well. Furthermore, his inspiration includes some ingenious cast suggestions for these roles.

I’m in love with the Harley Quinn design, as you can tell. Click the image below to get a full view, then hit the jump to peep The Riddler and Catwoman.

Gotham City is a kick-ass movie title as well. Nice.

[JoshWMC’s DeviantART Gallery]

49 responses to ““Batman 3” Movie Posters!

  1. I’ve found my new favorite deviantARTist.

  2. So many of you visit this particular post, I’d think that some of you would POST SOME COMMENTS, ahaha!

  3. No offence, but the posters suck and catwoman looks like a dude.

    • nameishayomanaois

      they suck beyond ability to suck right… super suckless suckafied suckieness.

      makes me think of garbagy disney affiliated burger king kids meal plastic nonsense…

  4. This Guy Blows, and Brittany Murphy should be harley anyway, , that chick would suk ass

    • wtf this batman is going to be awsome with the riddler but the bad news is why would u put two girls like harly quion and catwomen as villians two girls and one guy to face batman wtf batman will pown them all

  5. JustPlainBatty

    Sorry, I disagree with the poster above me named Joker. Brittany Murphy is to me very annoying and her voice makes me want to cut my ears off a-la Van Gogh. I’m not sure Kristen Bell could pull off the acting required, but I do personally believe she looks more the part and could potentially portray the personality better.

  6. While I don’t Love the idea of catwomen in the next movie or the poster of her, The riddler and Harley Quinn look amazing.

  7. The Harley Quinn poster does look very good and I could see Kristen Bell playing here I mean anyone that has watched Heroes knows she pulls off a crazy chick great. To bad Harley Quinn will most likely never be in a Batman movie unless the Joker comes back or they make a Movie with Poison Ivy again but, I highly doubt we’ll see her any time soon.

  8. Not bad concepts for the posters but in the next movie of Batman to be released in 2011, filming to begin next year. Catwoman is going to be portrayed by Megan Fox (Transformers). And i do agree with bobby catwoman does look fairly masculine but the first poster is COOL!

  9. Ras al gul teamed with the Scarcrow was nice in the first movie Team ups I would have liked to see Christophor Nolan Do 2nd movie Two-Face and his future wife Catwoman third movie The Riddler and the Jack Nichalson Joker style hijack the circus causing the deaths of young Dick Graysons parents the fouth movie would be Penguin and Mr. Freeze as a Holiday themed movie where Barbra Gordon returns from college and becomes Batgirl The fifth movie would be The Penguin Causing a break out at Arkham Asylum releasing the Joker the Ridder and Harley Quinn who was a doctor who fell in love with the Joker and created a costume of her own Catwoman returns but joins up with Batman Robin and Batgirl to fight the villians in an almost remake of the Adam West Batman Movie the 6th movie would be a villian who has not tried his luck with batman in a long time Louie the Lilac would team up with his wife Poison Ivy. Then the Next Movie could feature Clay-Face and Bane

  10. to Polarman :
    my god. Luckily this will never happen.

  11. This guy really looks like the Riddler. When I think of the Riddler, this guy has the face, he has the look, he has the style. Unfortunately, he probably won’t be noticed by Christopher Nolan, but if this guy got the part, he’s definitely got the looks. Harley Quinn kind of looks like what I’d imagine, but I’m not too sure. As for Catwoman, that’s not what I’d imagine her looking like. The style, maybe, but not the looks. Hopefully this Riddler picture gets noticed by Nolan or somebody and they try to find this guy, because THAT is without a doubt the Riddler’s new face.

  12. wat r u guys talking about,i love the idea of catwomen.and harley quinn.i like the idea of having harley quinn has smile cuts.the riddler im not sure.and if poisin ivy comes out,i hope she wont be sexual.

  13. The Harley poster looks good, the Riddler makes me think of Johnny Depp, and Katee Sackhoff would make a great Catwoman.

  14. Catwoman is just a pipe dream. It won’t happen. Not in the next movie at least.
    I like the Riddler one. A lot.
    As for Harley, I just wish I could see her in a movie.
    Seems pretty far fetched to get Harley w/out the Joker, don’t you think?

  15. The truth is the posters are very imaginative and creative, but they don’t capture the true essence of Batman whatsoever, please don’t take that as an insult but merely as a trial and error, if you all remembered, you remembered how Catwomans trademark WAS her tight leather outfit and her fingernails resembled her lust for the finer things in life, and the Riddlers trademark a “?” which represented everything he was about, causing a widespread confusion as to who he was, his intenetions, and just if the Batman could really compete with his level of “Expertise” which was his intelligence, he was a DOCTOR after all, as well as Harley Quinn a.k.a DOCTOR Harley Quinzel, the joker obessed female psychiatrist turned evil, and her outfit was nowhere near as childish as that Poster, no offense, but I strictly remember a more ADULT touch and the face paint was not as nearly as Dull as the one on that poster, so if you’re going to waste your time making posters and causing a widespread talk, stick to the originals and stick to the Batman Originals.

  16. David Tennant would be absolutely amazing as the Riddler.. I mean after being THE Doctor….. and I think he has the look. 🙂

  17. I am looking forward to seeing the new cast and how they pull them all together for the movie. Not a fan of the Catwoman poster, or that they chose that costume for her out of all the options she’s had over the years, but whatever floats. Catwoman seriously looks like a man, but it could just be the angle of the shot.

  18. does that catwoman face looks more like a man, or is it just me ? :s

  19. Johnny Depp should b playing riddler not this guy…and their was an interview with him bout it and he said hed LOVE to play riddler

  20. Ugh… Riddler should have a GREEN suit, Catwoman looks like a 5 year old batman suit in tights (whatever the hell they were thinking), and Quinn is NOT Joker’s daughter! What an incredibly awful adaptation! DC should slam your head in a damned pencil!

  21. Something i noticed about the catwoman poster…she somewhat looks like a guy

  22. ooops and i just noticed someone els said it too :kicks slow comp:

  23. i don’t think these are real.

  24. What a load of shit! This is not real what so ever!
    Even if Chris makes another Batman movie featuring Catwoman, she will not look anything like that!
    And as for David Tennant, what a joke, Chris would never consider a typecast actor to play a character in his movie, it would be a fatal error!
    He may not of been around to long but Chris has finesse and class in his movies!

  25. Robert Kneeper from “Prison Break” and “Heroes” would make a great Riddler.
    Tom Hardy from “Rock n Rolla” and Martina Coles “The Take” would make an awsome Penguin

  26. they didn’t even try with the Riddler, that’s obvisually the Doctor there

  27. love the poster designs for riddler and harley quinn. catwoman however needs to be much more feline and sexual rather than masculine. also would like to see posible designes of bane as this would be a great character to revive. however as the joker will be hard to replace as i believe heath ledger was the perfect actor to portray him to a modern audience, i do not see the introduction of harley into the new movies for some time. mr freeze and the penguin are definitely unlikely as they are totally unbelievabe to a modern audience. in closing am greatly looking forward to seeing what they do with the next movie regardless of whome they get to be part of it.

  28. i like the idea that David Tennant would be the Riddler it looks really gd but i think Johnny depp is confirmed to be The riddler

  29. First of all, any of you who don’t know David Tennant, go watch some Doctor Who. I mean seriously, its the longest running show ever and David is a phenomenon as the main character!

    Second of all, read the article that goes with the damn pictures.Seriously! They aren’t real posters so stop getting so up in arms about it, really.

    and although Depp would make a good Joker, it still technically isnt official. If your so interested in all of this stuff, why don’t you even know that.

    but seriously guys, can’t you all just take things for their value and not dissect every little thing you don’t like about it! Just enjoy things for a change a not judge everything. Maybe the reason that you are spending so much time ripping on everyone else on the internet is because you have no actual friends…

  30. That’s rad! Well done. This gave me that jolt of excitement! I like the name of the movie too. Cheers!

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  32. is it me .. or the Cat Women look like a Guy

  33. dude realy cat woman lookes like a guy because the thing in the suit probly is a guy and most likely its the dude in the riddler out fit

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  35. Sweat were did you get them

  36. I could see Andrew Scott as the Riddler. *preemptively protects head with arms*

  37. the riddler guy is David Tennant from Doctor Who and he would be PERFECT! second as far as villains go I want The Riddler for sure but i think it would be great to start off with batman incarcerating an obscure but still BA villain like The Ventriliquist. Lastly this series cant have Robin, Batman is too self righteous for a side kick, An quite frankly i dont think a cloth superhero costume would hold up verygood against gunfire, Sorry Robin :/


  39. I like the Harley Quinn and Riddler ones but Catwoman is not at ll like I would want her to look like especially since she is supposed to be a sexy love interest.

  40. I’m amused by how many of you nubs don’t know who david tennant is.

  41. yeh, but these suck and have nothing to do with the style of nolan’s work.. these are closer to burton than anything else.. come on already… and ‘near’ professional.. is almost right…


    (and i doubt there was any ‘buzz’ about them.. this is as bad as those ‘buzz’ moments everywhere’s else on the web… a buzz about this or that, not.)

    nearly as bad as the ‘wedding dancers’ video garbage.. there was no buzz, it didn’t make you want to go out and start acting the fool at wedding parties and you know it’s closet type inbred bunk.

    just like these really tasteless, crappy posters.. only a 5 yr old would drop themselves over this.

  42. I was wondering how to I share the artwork of Harley Quinn by Josh MC that was posted in your ‘Batman 3 Movie posters article from Aug. 22, 2008. I look up Josh Mc in Deviant Art, but he didn’t have it in his gallery. That’s a amazing fan-made poster.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  43. I think the riddler loks kick @ss but the other two suck.

  44. Harley Quinn is not hot enough! She looks cool and menacing but not sexy and feminine enough by half in my book. Anyway, great quality posters so good work! Heres looking forward to the film

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