ScriptGirl Report 8-22-08

Extra-medium t-shirt! YES!

Extra-medium t-shirt! YES!

Yay! ScriptGirl is back from vacation, which means my t-shirt is on the way! These days I’ve been getting American Apparel with it, wearing extra-medium t-shirts to accentuate my beer belly. What? It’s like Fabienne said in Pulp Fiction, it’s sad that what is pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye are rarely the same thing. So I’m proud of my gut, homies! (Actually, I’m not, but my homeboy Scholls is supposed to devise an exercise and nutrition regimen for me and he has yet to do so.)

But enough about my fat ass, let’s get on with the week’s script sales! Peep ScriptGirl‘s latest video plus an extra treat after the jump.

Okay, here’s your extra treat, doggies. ScriptGirl gave a rather delicious interview to the folks over at Yankee Pot Roast. Small tidbits are dropped about her mysterious past — German? That’s cool. Nebraska? No way! — and she talks about her encounter with a major Hollywood player who recognized her from jump street.

If you ask me, SG won’t be amongst the lowly ranks of hopefuls for too long. She’s going to be a major player herself. I’m just try’na get in the league. Check out ScriptGirl‘s interview at Yankee Pot Roast here.

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