The Fall of the Legends: ¼ of Jodeci Passes Out Onstage

Get on up

Get on up.

Take a look at the small photo to the right. The man holding the microphone singing his heart out is none other than K-Ci Hailey, one-fourth of the 90’s R&B group Jodeci. We all loved Jodeci, didn’t we? I know I did. From the classic slow jams on their debut album Forever My Lady to their brilliant concept album The Show + The Afterparty + The Hotel, Jodeci’s music served as the soundtrack to many a house party, school dance, and make-out session by the Mississippi River. Jodeci will go down in history as a legendary musical force.

Oh, the man lying face down, unconscious, in the middle of the stage? That’s another member of Jodeci and K-Ci’s brother, JoJo.

You have to see it to believe it. After a minute or so of jumping around the stage, K-Ci introduces his brother, who comes out and starts to sing. But after a while, we realize that something just ain’t right. Our suspicions are confirmed once JoJo passed the fuck out. Check out the video to see how the situation is handled.

K-Ci addresses the situation with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97, explaining that JoJo suffers from epilepsy. They decided to perform despite the potential for JoJo to suffer a seizure during the show. Okay, fine.

But what K-Ci fails to see is how fucking crazy it looks for his brother to pass out on stage — suffering from a condition that K-Ci knows about, no less — and to keep on singing. Even the big burly security dude just walked over, picked up the Shure, and kept it moving. I understand that the show must go on, but for real, bruh? For real?

And the worst part? The saddest and worst part about all this? K-Ci lays the blame with Bill Gates. I shit you not.

I hate Bill Gates. I hate Bill Gates for inventin’ the computer or whatever it’s called.

You can listen to the craziness here.

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