Yung Berg Got His Ass Whipped, Chain Stolen

There's more to Detroit than meets the eye.

There's more to Detroit than meets the eye.

Yung Berg seemingly has a habit of pissing people off, I guess. First, he insulted dark-skinned females everywhere when he said something about not dating darkies. Now I hear that some greasy shit he said about Detroit hip-hoppers resulted in a recent ass-whipping at Plan B, a Detroit nightclub owned by rapper and Eminem homie, Trick Trick. According to

According to a witness, despite the presence of his personal bodyguard who was also involved in the fight, Yung Berg was unable to defend himself and was reportedly relieved of his jewelry, including a multi-colored diamond encrusted “Transformers” chain.

Hours after rumors of the altercation appeared online Saturday, photos began circulating of a man sporting the chain.

I guess this is one of the photos:

For fuck’s sake, black rappers, stop with these big ass fuckin’ chains. Shit is revolting. And we don’t snitch, I don’t know who’s in that pic!

And just for the record, I think the people of Detroit are fucking awesome and wonderful, and I love the great music coming out the city. Always been a fan of Em and D12. Black Milk is the man! RIP Dilla.

[Young Berg Cancels Detroit Appearance After Assault]

12 responses to “Yung Berg Got His Ass Whipped, Chain Stolen

  1. Black rappers are the only ones the wear chains?

    Kill the safe hate fam…


  2. It’s not self-hate, homie. I’m taking the Chris Rock stance on things — Black People vs. Niggas.

    I cannot champion ignorance or the perpetuation of black stereotypes. I refuse to make excuses for it. I promote education, utilization of common sense, and instillation of pride on a personal and cultural level.

    If you want to categorize that as “self-hate,” then go right ahead.

  3. I don’t care who wears the huge ass chains… it’s stupid.

  4. This is the only accurate account of what happened that I have read so far..

  5. mutha fuckas always say u gotta get how u live and thats how we live so if he was in tha lou i would of ploted and wooped his lil ass ad took his chain and the rest of his shit that mean stop stuntin weak ass niggas who know they cant bang get ah banga
    he did wat he had 2 do props to my nigga who stunitin like my hommie

  6. Fuck that!!! He deserved that shit! I live in the muthafuckin heart of the D. And if that nigga come back 2 da D I’ll kick his ass myself!!! -female darkie(eastside!(313)

  7. Yo fuck that nigga Berg. If his weak ass got his ass whipped, then he deserved it. Why and the fuck would you walk around with a big ass chain on and your ass can’t fight. You can look at this little mother fucker and tell that he dont have no scrap in him. I am glad he didnt come to Baltimore with that shit.

  8. lol dats what is punk ass get his rasicts ass need to get the beat out of him.first of all come on dark skinned females and then dissing detroit>FUCK young berg.Dumb gay ass pussy

  9. Hey I think its very stupid to steal somones things cuz the bible say thu shalt steal and your ging to hell for that

  10. amazing stuff thanx 🙂


  11. Well Done! I Like it!

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