Video of the Day: “It’s So Cold in The D” by T-Baby

How the fuck we 'posed to try to keep peace?

How the fuck do we 'posed to keep peace?

If only somebody had told Yung Berg.

You see, it’s cold in the D, y’all. “The D” being that wonderful and majestic American city that actually sits north of Canada: Detroit. Unfortunately, it’s not all wine and roses as evidenced by this video by rapper/singer T-Baby. This not-too-professional clip exposes the pain, despair, and utter hopelessness that a lot of the Motor City’s residents feel every day.

I won’t front, when I first saw it, I was ready to mock it, even if it meant getting my ass whipped and chain stolen the next time I was in the 313. But then after watching it again and again, the snark left me. Yes, the video is amateur and T-Baby could work just a bit more on her delivery, but she’s trying to get a message across. On top of that, she’s not fuckin’ waiting around. She got the video shot, probably on a VHS camcorder, and put it out herself. Hey, I’m a big fan of the DIY work ethic. Check T-Baby out after the jump.

Looks like we have a new contender for Catchphrase of the Year: “How the fuck do we ‘posed to keep peace?!”

3 responses to “Video of the Day: “It’s So Cold in The D” by T-Baby

  1. FUCK the D!!! This shit is wack!

    You muthafuckaz come after my chain Imma call the police on your ass!

  2. philly brawler, call the cops? the song is wack, but callin the cops is what hoes do, not brawlers, plus our cops take 3 hours to respond, so just dont come here, coward.

  3. That song, video, EVERYTHING, is just horrible!

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