Does Your Child Look Like Barack Obama?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is actual news.

A Palm Springs mother says her four-year-old son looks like Barack Obama.

Patricia Smith says when she’s out in public, people comment that her son Rafael looks like Obama. “They call him the Obama kid because he looks like Obama, that’s what they say. When Obama started to run during the primaries, people started to comment and how I should send the pictures to the news.”

Smith says she recently had her son’s picture taken at a portrait studio and workers there commented on his photos, and the resemblance to Senator Obama. “When we had his birthday picture taken, people looked at the picture and said he looked like Obama”. Smith says she thinks it’s funny, considering she is an Obama supporter. has not received any photos from parents who claim their child looks like Senator John McCain.

I wonder if it’s only white people telling her this.


4 responses to “Does Your Child Look Like Barack Obama?

  1. My brother Ethan looks just like Obama as a child it’s so scary.

  2. Ummmmmm… about “no, not really”!

  3. I am a the world’s youngest Obama look a like, seeking projects in film, modelling and television.

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