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Team Liquor: The Bomb Bloody Mary

Those that know and love me know that recently I’ve taken up with that classic alcoholic beverage known as the Bloody Mary. While I’d always liked the Bloody, it was never a major component of my repertoire until a few months back when, on a flight to Miami, I had a few on the aeroplane. The one I had on the plane was the bootleg version — vodka and tomato juice, viola! It got the job done.

However, being a massive proponent of brunch culture, as I began ordering Bloodys instead of mimosas on Sunday (and sometimes Saturday) mornings with my omelets, I realized that there was much more to the beverage then I’d originally thought. It was just my lucky (inside joke, not a typo) that two weeks ago on my birthday, I found a recipe for the bomb Bloody Mary on Lifehacker. And so I finally enjoyed the bomb Bloody for the first time this past Sunday. Why’d I wait two weeks to enjoy the bomb? Well you’ll just have to hit the jump to find out, now won’t you?

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Well, it’s not the Mark of the Beast, but it sure is close.

Nikki Finke reports that today the Dow suffered the worst point drop ever because the financial bailout bill failed in the House Of Representatives, surprising damn near everyone. “This is terrible news for media stocks, Wall Street, and Main Street as the credit markets literally start to shut down,” Finke writes.

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“Horse takes a dump on stupid ladys head”

That is the eloquent title of this little gem found on the YouTube. I don’t think it’s possible that anyone could’ve come up with anything better. Mayhaps it’s the bomb Bloody Marys I’ve been imbibing all day, but I found this terribly amusing.

“This person is not very smart.” Indeed. Enjoy. Thank you, Defamer.

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ScriptGirl Report 9-26-08

SG has officially attained celebrity status.

Last week’s video had over 200,000 views. “All the views were a bit of a freak of nature, I think,” she told me. “Like a tsunami! But I finally cracked the YouTube Dutch Antilles top 100, so it’s all good!”

It certainly is all good. And you already know what’s to come. In a few months, SG will star in her very own reality television series. Wait and see. This week’s video after the jump.

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“Notorious” Teaser Trailer

While I hope this movie is extra good (especially as parts of it were filmed on my street in front of the crib in BKNYC), I can’t help but wonder if this shit is going down too soon. I mean, Biggie passed away 11 years ago. Does the current generation really suffer from short term memory like that? Do the kids really not know about Biggie and his influence on the game? If the answers to these queries are the in the column marked “affirmative,” then we’re living in truly sad times.

Anyway, check out the teaser trailer for the Biggie biopic Notorious, starring Angela Bassett, Derek Luke, Anthony Mackie and Jamal Woolard, set to be released in January ’09.

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I Got Carried Away!

Haha, COPPED! I will be enjoying this in all of its widescreen glory later on this evening. Aw man, [bcs]I love my life even more.[/bcs]

This was my second favorite film of the summer, right after the unfairly maligned Speed Racer. Since I owe it to you guys, I will write a proper review of the film and the DVD this week.

Air Conditioning Makeover!

It’s really not that difficult to switch shit up on a WordPress blog, but I figured I’d make a post about it anyway. I think the blue color scheme falls more along the lines of the “Air Conditioning” theme anyway. Plus, I like how everything on the right is bulleted. To appropriate Alabama Worley‘s signature quote, “It’s so cool.”

Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and the animated pic to the right — which I created, interweb thieves — is from last night’s hilarious episode of Entourage. How could I have ever doubted Ellin & Co? The gang is on a roll.

PS — Holy fuck, Sex & The City comes out on DVD tomorrow!