“Love Lockdown” Done!

Today, I put the finishing touches on the umpteenth “first draft” of my latest screenplay. For the purposes of the blog, I’ll call this script Love Lockdown. (Which actually isn’t a bad title, right, Kanye?)

Love Lockdown is a romantic comedy about unrequited love, though I throw a few jabs at politics and gentrification into the mix. Nothing overt, this isn’t a treatise on the shady machinations of politics or anything, but the small elements I included seem to work well with the story. I drew inspiration from recent events, but, as is the case with all of my scripts, the story is a very intimate one, dealing with how the large events affect just a few people.

Holler the jump and you may just get a nice surprise at the end.

In the beginning, Love Lockdown‘s story was set against a very realistic portrayal of New York, but as I continued to rewrite and polish, it became a bit more wacky. Not too much, mind you, but there are instances of slapstick and WTF-type humor sprinkled throughout.

So, with Love Lockdown completed, I have three feature length screenplays that I’m ready to push. There’s also my High School Comedy and the former Rogues Gallery, which is my Urban Action Drama (aka my “hood film,” because every black screenwriter/filmmaker has at least one in them, right?).

But just because I’m starting to get my work out to various agents and producers doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing. Au contraire, mon petit commodes!

I’m still waiting to hear back from our indie producer about whether we’re writing the Monkey Business script, and I’m outlining my next screenplay, which will be an action comedy. As I’ve said before, it’s always a good idea to have more than one screenplay handy because you never know what a producer or agent may want to see.

Oh, and for those of you who clicked this post, hoping to hear Kanye’s latest, simply click on el foto of the Louis Vuitton Don and myself for a little treat. Wish me lucky!*

*That’s an inside joke, not a typo.

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