Reginald Hudlin To No Longer Shuck and Jive for BET

The man has finally come to his senses.

Reginald Hudlin, director of two of my favorite films, House Party and Boomerang, is leaving BET. After dealing with the minstrel network for three years, he is vacating the post of president of entertainment in what BET CEO Debra Hill calls a “mutual decision.”

I think Reggie had accomplished everything I asked him to do three years ago: to create original programming and to get a development pipeline going. He brought a new sensibility to the company. He had a lot of success … It just seemed like a good time [for him to leave].

Yeah. Okay.

I guess Hudlin’s resignation had nothing to do with the fact that BET’s audience had been on a steady decline. Or that before taking the position, he was a vocal critic of the network and its dedication to coonery, but afterward was a staunch defender of its programming.

And you’d think that if the split were amicable, Hudlin would say something to the press, right? Nope. Uh-uhn. He’s so far kept mum. He’s probably thinking, Fuck them niggas.

It should be said, though, that Hudlin did try to shake things up, introducing new shows, such as Lil Kim: I’m Goin’ To Jail, Baldwin Hills, and the original freshman sitcom Somebodies. And Lee tried to remain positive regarding Hudlin’s departure, telling the Washington Post that “[Hudlin] just wanted to get back to his roots. He’s always been interested in movies.”

As long as he doesn’t decide to helm a big screen version of The Parkers, he’s all right with me.

[Washington Post]

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