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Random Mobile Photos

Took these during yesterday’s shopping spree. Now that I’m focusing on fixing up the crib-o (after only being here close to a year!), I’m looking at stuff like this to give the place a little character.

Tell me, bro, what’s cooler than the Rat Pack? What a classic shot. I definitely need this hanging in the crib. Check out the other coolness after the jump.

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“Saw” Top Grossing Horror Franchise Ever


I’m not a major fan of horror movies and while I quite enjoyed the first Saw, I think that the series is just vile and gross for no reason. Torture porn is out, homies. Umm, nope, I guess I’m wrong. It couldn’t beat the juggernaut that is High School Musical 3 for the weekend’s top spot at the box office, but Saw V still grossed $30.5 million dollars over the three day period. As a result, it’s on its way to beomcing the highest grossing horror film franchise of all time.

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Hookupmaps Makes It Easier To Find Your Bootie Call

Sometimes, we don’t want to meet someone and build up a rapport before we outright ask for sex. There are times when one just needs to head on over to Craigslist’s “Casual Encounters” section and just look for bootie. There’s no shortage of men and woman looking for GGG FWB NSA. (D&D free, of course). But you also want to make sure that your potential bust-it-baby doesn’t live in a sketchy area. Me, personally? I’m not traveling to your hood if I’m unfamiliar with it. Ioncare how great the head supposedly is.

Obvs I’m not the only person with such concerns, which is why someone took the initiative to create Hookupmaps. From Lifehacker:

It was only a matter of time before someone mashed up the personal ads from Craigslist with Google Maps, and that time has come thanks to Hookupmaps. Enter your location, pick your pecadilloes and see who’s up for some fun in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, LA, DC, San Diego, Virginia, and Maryland (more locales promised soon).

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Seth Rogen: “LOL ‘Ghostbusters 3’ is A Shitty Idea, Bro!”

Thank the heavens! The boys over at First Showing report that Seth Rogen expressed a small measure of disgust at the thought of a third Ghostbusters movie.

Collider caught up with Seth Rogen recently while he was out promoting Zack and Miri and asked him about his thoughts on Ghostbusters 3. Its been rumored that Sony is wooing Judd Apatow for that revival and that might mean Rogen could be involved. But after these comments, I don’t think that’ll be the case, although it could all change once they finish a script. “It’s hard to imagine that would be good, isn’t it? … It sounds like a terrible idea when you first hear it.”

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The Week in Cool 10.26.08

Yeah, I need to blog more. Trust, that will happen soon. But in the meantime, what did I deem worthy to post about this week?

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming by to check me out. And I’m surprised that “Harley Quinn” has suddenly become a major source of interest. Did I miss something? Help me out, people! Don’t forget, I’m also on the Twitter now! Tee hee!

ScriptGirl Report 10.24.08

Okay, please reference this post to understand why I’m just now posting this. I need to lay off the alcohol for a minute, don’t you agree?? And even worse, I’ve not done too much writing lately. My writing schedule has totally been thrown off, and while I should be on the second draft of my current script, I’m only halfway through the first draft. Shame. Shame on me.

Anyhoo, please check ScriptGirl‘s latest report, with the latest in script sales. This is, quite honestly, the best way to get this info. 🙂 Video after the jump.

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Team Liquor Drunken Post 10.25.08

Okay, so since I’m sitting here at the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings, I figured I may as well write something I can post since I haven’t posted in a few days.

Currently gulping my third Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. I’m not really a fan of Buffalo Wild since they have no real “bar vibe” to speak of. Hell, they ain’t even much of a sports bar and the food sucks bootie. But they put me on to the CW, they even dump real cherries into the glass to sweeten the deal. Didja get it? Did you see what I did there?
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