I’m All Smart n’ Shit

Countin' deez rocks, BIATCH!Yeah, man. I’m a Smarty-Art Nigga. Compared to me, the rest of you have the IQ of a carrot. Why am I feeling myself like this? Because I just took the easy-as-pie Mensa practice test.

According to the Mensa site, I got a “very good score” — which means I could probably pass the Mensa test easily.

Check your smarts, bitches! And if you feel you have what it takes, take the real deal on Mensa Testing Day, which is October 18th. Show the world that you possess superior intellect on par with that of El Guapo.

One response to “I’m All Smart n’ Shit

  1. Man i tried the test but my head was about to explode. I guess I’ll try it again when Sarah Palin actually reads a book. NEVER! lol Be cool:)

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