ScriptGirl Report 10-10-08

I haven’t been drinking today, but I wish I had after ScriptGirl‘s latest report. It has nothing to do with SG herself — quite the contrary, she is a wonderful woman and her weekly dissemination of Hollywood’s script sales and news mixed with ZAZ-style humor is definitely one of the brighter rays of sunshine in my life.

But what depresses me so much are the actual screenplays and ideas that SG is reporting on. We are in Remake Hell. The Crazies? Friggin’ Angel Heart? Jeez louise. And if it ain’t a remake, it’s an adaptation of the graphic novel du jour or a hip “retelling” of some classic story. To quote T.S. Johnson, “Sigh, grumble, grumble.” Even Lil Wayne has wondered of late, “Where is your originality?

Ah well. This week’s video is for my best friends in Miami, Karen and Gus. I told SG that you love her videos, haha. The latest after the jump.

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