Cheadle Replaces Howard For “Iron Man 2”

JoBlo reports that Terrence Howard is out and Don Cheadle is in as Jim Rhodes in the sequel to Iron Man.

Though neither side made an official comment, negotiations for Howard fell through because of financial differences. Likely Howard, sensing he was going to be a much larger part of the IRON MAN franchise, wanted some big bucks but Marvel played hard ball after already shelling out big bucks to director Jon Favreau and Robert Downey, Jr.

Iono how I feel about this. I mean, we’ve all heard that the murse-carrying Howard can be a bit of a diva sometimes. Maybe this is was an instance where his head got too big that he got the boot. I can’t blame brotherman for going for trying to get more money, but in looking at the bigger picture, you think he’d see the long-term rewards, including bigger roles in Iron Man sequels and the inevitable War Machine spin-off.

But hey, whatever. One man’s loss is another’s gain, and Cheadle is long overdue for some mainstream shine. Yes, yes, he played Basher in the Ocean’s trilogy and yes, yes, he got an Oscar nod for Hotel Rwanda. But this is the type of move that will really thrust him into the spotlight. And at least both actors are talented. This isn’t as grotesque as replacing Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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