Morning Coffee: So Delicious

Four very lovely, and very opinionated, ladies are hitting Teh Internets with a new web series, Morning Coffee. Featuring authors Kim Osorio and Tionna Smalls and radio personalities Angela Yee and Jen the Pen, Morning Coffee touches on everything in hip-hop, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle news. And because these ladies don’t hold back, you can expect to hear some “real shit.” And I love how Ms. Smalls succinctly describes it:

Four women from different sides of the media coming together for one common goal: gossip.

Bwahaha, well, there it is. Of course, since I’ve had the pleasure of meeting three of the four ladies, I’ma gone ahead and give this my full support and endorsement. This is like Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama, only better.

Morning Coffee is a daily show, featured on Global Grind. Check the promo “webisode” after the jump.

By the way, you can check out both Tionna and Kim‘s blogs by clicking the links in the ‘roll. 😉

2 responses to “Morning Coffee: So Delicious

  1. Thanks Jay for putting this up. I appreciate this for real…

  2. Of course! Gotta support my people, especially when it’s as something as entertaining and worthwhile as this! 😉

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