Team Liquor Drunken Post 10.25.08

Okay, so since I’m sitting here at the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings, I figured I may as well write something I can post since I haven’t posted in a few days.

Currently gulping my third Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. I’m not really a fan of Buffalo Wild since they have no real “bar vibe” to speak of. Hell, they ain’t even much of a sports bar and the food sucks bootie. But they put me on to the CW, they even dump real cherries into the glass to sweeten the deal. Didja get it? Did you see what I did there?

The pic at the right is The New Hotness. New office, real office space, in the Flatiron. Great places to eat nearby, walking distance to some of my favorite spots in the city, like Slate, Taj, and 40/40. Great shopping area, too. And the gym is down the block. Yesh, I am getting into premium sexy shape. Ladies, you think I’m cute now, in all my obese glory? Check me in October 2009. 😉

Speaking of love from the ladies, the past few days have been very kind to the kid. I ran into an old flame, and met six potential baby mamas. I met three last night alone in my favorite nabe haunt, Moe’s. Now, I’m not going to put anyone’s business out there, but so far I’m having a lot of fun. Let me say that again. So far, I’m having a lot of fun.

Next, let me say, Rihanna’s “Take a Bow”WOW. I’m not late, I know the song’s been out since Adam took Eve to prom, but the shit never gets old. “You put on quite a show / Very entertaining / But it’s over now / Go on and take a bow.” Brutal. Since I bought Good Girl Gone Bad when it first dropped, I don’t have the re-release with this particular song. I don’t know if Ne-Yo wrote it, but sounds like it. Definitely one of my faves of the year.

The current iPod playlist consists of nothing but love songs. Songs with “love” in the title, songs that come from albums with “love” in the title. Songs ranging from Natalie Cole’s “Everlasting Love” to Common’s “I Used to Love HER” to MSFB’s “Love is the Message” to Guy’s “Goodbye Love” to Beyonce’s “Me, Myself & I” (which is the best song she’s ever fucking made). I’m in a love kind of mood. Guess that explains the ladies, eh?

Shit, I’ve been drinking nonstop since about 1pm yesterday. Had drinks and guacamole at Habana, then had more drinks at Moe’s, then drinks and steak at Applebee’s (yeah, I know, slum vilage), [redacted], then I wake up, refresh, gather my faculties, and I’m drinking at Buffalo Wild.

And so, we come full circle. I’m thinking of heading to Target. For what, who knows? I’m thinking of buying underwear since I’m too lazy to do laundry today and I’m wearing my last pair of clean drawers. Maybe buy a t-shirt to wear to tonight’s reunion of The A-Plus Team.

Oh yeah, so tonight is the reunion of The A-Plus Team! It’s a group of people I worked on a project with this year, a very cool group. That experience actually inspired the script I’m currently working on. They had a get-together last weekend, but miscommunication led to my exclusion from the reindeer games. It’s all gravy, though. Tonight, I am sponsoring the Patron (Reposado, of course). I got texted by two A-Plus Team members last night and both were in the process of getting fucked up. Birds of a feather, you know.

Chris Brown’s “With You” just came on the PA. Did Ne-Yo write this? I’m sure of it. Hate on him if you want, but dude is writing this generation’s classics.

Okay, so I’ma finish my beer, pay my tab, and be out. Thanks for reading my drunken rambling via the written word. Um, yeah. Holler.

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