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Holiday Sneer: Thanksgiving Edition

Jive turkeySo I was surprised to check my inbox and see that a few of you actually missed me. Yeah, yeah, I haven’t blogged in a while. But it was Thanksgiving! Everyone deserves a holiday, no? A little rest and relaxation?

Though to be real, there wasn’t much rest and relaxation at all. I went home to surprise family and friends, but I didn’t get a chance to spend time with any of them as my mother’s house was burglarized the night I arrived. So I pretty much spent all my time with her, which is not a bad thing, but it prevented me from spending time with my other family and friends. Ah well.

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ScriptGirl Report 11-21-08

sg1121Wait … did I just get a shout-out in a ScriptGirl video??

Yeah, I’m speechless right about now.

Ahem. Well. Compsure regained. This post, of course, is not about me … but if you want to peep the shout-out — as well as get this week’s script sales — check the video after the jump.

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The MTA is Going To Fuck Us All Over Again

nopants8_00First, let me say this. I lurve NYC public transportation. No, no, I’m serious. I fucking lurve it. It offers a convenience and reliability that you just won’t find anywhere in the good ol’ US of A. People who’ve lived here all their lives curse the MTA non-stop, but try living in Miami or Memphis and relying on public transpo.

Yeah, fool. That’s what I thought.

When the price of the Unlimited MetroCard was raised by $5 last year to $81, I heard plenty of folks cry foul. Umm, $81 for a system that runs 24 hours a day and takes you virtually anywhere in the city is a bargain, people. You’ll pay the same amount for a Metropass in Miami, which will give you access to a rail system that goes nowhere and buses that run with the frequency of a blue moon. I don’t see what the problem is. The city’s wonderful transit system is one of the reasons I wanted to become a New Yorker.

However, now the New York Daily News reports on proposed MTA budget cuts for 2009, and I can see how some of these changes may affect my fellow New Yorkers. Check out the highlights of the budget cuts after the jump:

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Angelina Jolie’s Adopted Son Still Saves Food … Y’know, Just In Case …

angelinajoliepaxIn these, our uncertain economic times, everyone’s feeling the pressure. Even the adopted children of A-list celebrities. Which is presumably why Pax Jolie-Pitt, who was adopted by Brangelina a few ago in Vietnam, still saves his food.

The hottest black woman on the planet told Hello! magazine:

Children respond to affection quickly when they have been starved of it, so they are very loving soon after coming home. But Pax, for example, still wants to save food. He often puts parts of his dinner away for another time, even though we explain there will be more tomorrow.

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Video of the Week: “Give The Drummer Some” by Black Milk

blackmilkThe other day, my homegirl Buscuit updated her Facebook status to say that she was going to watch some Detroit MCs get their hip-hop performance on. I queried if the act was producer/rapper Black Milk and she said no, but that brief exchange got me to thinking about the quality music that’s been coming from Motor City the past few years. By far, Black Milk has been the most talented to emerge on the scene.

I’m not going to give you a bio on Milk — you can find all of that on his MySpace or Wikipedia. I will say that his first album, Popular Demand, was bumpin’, and his newest release, Tronic, is defintiely one of the year’s highlights in a genre that’s been overrun with uncharismatic hipster rappers with no swag. Peep the video for the fantastic “Give The Drummer Some” after the jump.

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“Star Trek” Trailer

jornadaI’ve never been a Star Trek fan. My father liked it, but I could never get into it. Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry once extolled the virtues of the series. Even when the movies came out, I enjoyed a few of them — I mean, Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home are awesome, and I like First Contact a lot, too — but it was never a franchise that moved me.

Welp, color me intrigued, because the trailer for Paramount’s Star Trek reboot, helmed by JJ Abrams and starring the lovely and beautiful Zoe Saldana and screenwriter-hating Tyler Perry, among others, looks fucking exciting. A lot of people opined about how Dawson’s Creek-ish the cast looked when they appeared in a recent issue of EW. But I think that maybe Abrams has pulled it off. Too bad we have to wait until next year to see. Anyway, hit the jump for the fantastic trailer.

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ScriptGirl Report 11-14-08

sg111408My faith in being able to sell a spec script for high figures and with much fanfare has been restored despite quite a few WTF script sales, remakes, and board game adaptations this past week. SG — wearing new frames?? — gives us the low down.

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