Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel Reunion Not At All Awkward

It was bound to happen. So last Thursday, the beautiful and wonderful and sexy and talented Sarah Silverman appeared on ex-lover Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show to promote her wonderfully funny television program. But after a few minutes of awkward chit-chat, Kimmel decided to show footage of a teenage Sarah singing her heart out on a local Star Search-style show.

Situation embarrassante!

Sarah was understandably aghast by this blast from the past. Thankfully, when things got a little too chilly between the exes, both used the clip to kinda ease the tension.

There’s also an amusing little bit where the two discuss Sarah’s resemblance to the woman who’s become famous for making a sex tape with Mini-Me. Check it out below.

Catch the second half of the reunion after the jump.

Gosh, I want to make sweet love to Sarah. She can teach me that soul brother handshake. Take that, Kimmel!

One response to “Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel Reunion Not At All Awkward

  1. I think they’re back together. They were recently here in Austin running around as a couple. And on this kimmel episode they refer to “when they were apart.” And they attended Stern’s wedding as a couple. But I agree about the sweet love with Sarah part. hell yea!

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