ScriptGirl Report 11-7-08

sg110708Now, if ScriptGirl‘s latest report is to be believed, she spends her Friday nights at home, alone, writing script coverage, and relying on her mother to set her up on blind dates.

Bah! I don’t buy it! I’d bet anything that SG has many potential suitors, most of whom are aching for a “Recommend” or even a “Consider,” but will most likely get a “Pass.” If you’re angling for a shot at SG‘s heart, here’s a few hints, fellas:

  • Don’t ogle her boobies. When the little kid in Role Models does it, it’s funny. When you do it, it’s pathetic.
  • Don’t proclaim she’s dressed as Gozer for Halloween when she’s clearly dressed up as Zuul.
  • Do tell her that you think she has a lovely singing voice. (She really does. 😉 )
  • Don’t be named Devin Faraci.

That is all. Enjoy the new clip.


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