Angelina Jolie’s Adopted Son Still Saves Food … Y’know, Just In Case …

angelinajoliepaxIn these, our uncertain economic times, everyone’s feeling the pressure. Even the adopted children of A-list celebrities. Which is presumably why Pax Jolie-Pitt, who was adopted by Brangelina a few ago in Vietnam, still saves his food.

The hottest black woman on the planet told Hello! magazine:

Children respond to affection quickly when they have been starved of it, so they are very loving soon after coming home. But Pax, for example, still wants to save food. He often puts parts of his dinner away for another time, even though we explain there will be more tomorrow.

Will there, Angelina? Will there really be more tomorrow? Maybe for you there will. But what about for all those black actresses whose roles you keep taking? I’m taking notes from Pax. He lives with you. He knows what’s up.

[Celebrity Baby Scoop via Babble Baby]

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