No, I Haven’t Been Updating My Blog Lately

What can I say? Life happens. It’s the holidays. People get busy. I know I’m busy. Are you busy?

Quick update: new gig. Yeah, the “freelance” lifestyle I was living had to end, as all good things must. A brother needed some steady income, haha! The upside is, I’m working with some cool people, the atmosphere is Lebowski laid-back, I probably work 6 hours a day, got benefits and shit, and the money is fanfuckingtastic. Best of all, I’m still able to pursue my pursuits, which suits me just fine.

As most people say around this time, changes will come with the New Year. No, for seriously. I’m not telling you what they are just yet. Wait and see. I’m sure you’ll be interested.

By the way, the picture of Jay-Z and Beyonce have nothing to do with anything. Their shared look of disgust simply makes me laugh.

Okay, so that’s it. Bye.

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