E.R. – “Rice n Beans & Fried Cheese” Free Mixtape Download

One of my favorite up & coming rap crews is Miami’s own Down South Infantry, better known as DSI Entertainment. The collective was founded by two talented MCs, K-OTIC and Baysiqly, and these cats have been consistently dropping under-the-radar gems for a few years now.

Another member of the camp is my buddy E.R. In fact, it’s because of E.R. — whom I initially got to know as DaMadScientizt on the infamous Wodie/SC boards — that I became aware of the DSI crew. After toiling in the studio for months, E.R. has finally dropped his debut mixtape, Rice n Beans & Fried Cheese. Featuring artists such as Pharrell, Busta Rhymes, Lupe Fiasco, B.Z., and K-OTIC over a mixture of familiar tracks and original production, Rice n Beans is a banger.

This is not the typical cocaine rap that the 305 is known for these days, so please give this a chance. Tracklisting and download link after the jump.

Rice n Beans & Fried Cheese tracklisting

01 – Intro 02:34
02 – The Cure (feat. B.Z.) [produced by Rebel Noize] 02:55
03 – Diff’rent Tokes [produced by E.R.] 03:57
04 – True 2 Me [produced by Eddie B.] 05:05
05 – Lil Havana Know (feat. B.Z.) 02:30
06 – Throwback Funk [produced by Chavo] 03:02
07 – Story To Tell 2009 03:20
08 – Air Em Out (Freestyle) 01:35
09 – No Answers [produced by E.R.] 03:23
10 – All Eyez On Me (Freestyle) 02:06
11 – Out of Body Experience [produced by E.R.] 04:29
12 – Im Da Man (Freestyle) 01:40
13 – Help Me [produced by E.R.] 03:53
14 – Sunshine [produced by E.R.] 03:50
15 – Hustlers Ambition 02:29
16 – Playa Blues [produced by E.R.] 03:54
17 – The Incredible (Freestyle) 04:02
18 – Dont Touch Me Remix (feat. Busta Rhymes) 02:03
19 – Flashin Lights (Freestyle) 01:26
20 – Past Midnight [produced by E.R.] 03:32
21 – Black Tee (feat. K-OTIC) [produced by K-OTIC) 04:02
22 – Everybody Nose Remix (feat. Pharrell, Lupe Fiasco, and Pusha T) 03:52
23 – Travelin Man [produced by E.R.] 04:09
24 – Outro 03:01

[E.R. Rice n Beans & Fried Cheese] — Download Link

I have to say, my favorite tracks are “Past Midnight,” “Help Me,” and “Throwback Funk.” Anyway, enjoy!

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