Video of the Day: Cam’ron “Daydreamin'”

Like everybody else, I copped Cam’ron’s Roc-A-Fella debut Come Home With Me when it dropped back in 2002. Though Cam had released gems such as “Horse & Carriage” and “What Means The World To Me,” no one could resist the one-two pop combo of Come Home‘s first two singles, “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma.”

Come Home With Me was a solid album, and it owes much of its appeal not only to its hits, but to the lesser known and appreciated tracks as well. Kanye West gave Cam the infectious “Dead or Alive,” and Just Blaze blazed “The ROC” (featuring a pre-syrup Beans and Garnier Fructis spokesman Memphis Bleek) as well as the epic “Welcome to New York City” featuring Hov. (Half! Haa.) And “On Fire Tonight” is the silliest cautionary tale about VD ever put on wax.

But no other song got more play from me than “Daydreamin’.” Admittedly, it was because of the video, shot in Miami (where I was living at the time) and in constant rotation on MTV Jams. “Daydreamin'” is still my shit, and now it’s back in my iTunes playlist. Enjoy the video after the jump.

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