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ScriptGirl Report 1-23-09

You know, I’m quite thankful The Dark Knight wasn’t nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and especially Best Screenplay. The story was full of holes. Nonsensical. The only good thing about the movie was Heath Ledger’s performance, which was rightly nominated.

Anyhoo, ScriptGirl‘s latest report after the jump.

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“The New Yorker” Barack Obama Inauguration Issue Cover

obamanewyorkerThe January 26, 2009, inauguration issue of The New Yorker features a very cool illustration of soon-to-be-sworn-in-as-President Barack Obama, as seen at right in an image courtesy of Manhattan beauty and writer/editor Molly Friedman: “[Her] brother Drew drew this.” Ha, did you see what she did there?

Additionally, if you would like a free copy of the commemorative issue, hit up The New Yorker via this link. Mayhaps this is their way of making up for shit like this.

ScriptGirl Report 1-16-09

Whoo hoo! ScriptGirl is feeling much better, as evidenced by what has to be the most vulgar report to date. It’s kind of like the “Aristocrats” joke — it’s funny at first, and then it goes on and you’re like WTF, and then it reaches a point where it becomes funnier than you’d expect. While I would love to spoil some of the raunchier parts, it’s probably best you check it out for yourself.

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Will “Notorious” Mark the Maturation of Hip-Hop Cinema?

notorious-poster-final-bigA lot of people I know laughed at and mocked Notorious when it was announced, calling it a “B-movie” and proclaiming it would be horrible. Given the care taken in making this film as well as the talent involved in front of and behind the scenes, however, I knew that this was not merely a half-assed, let’s-find-another-way-to-profit-off-Biggie trifle.

One of the things I’d always looked forward to was the day hip-hop films matured, when they would outgrow the buffoonery of shit like How High, I Got Da Hook-Up and (*vomit & bile*) Soul Plane. Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed my fair share of coon cinema. But there comes a point where one must … get better.

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ScriptGirl Report 1-9-09

ScriptGirl is back in full effect for ’09! Yes, Hornberger!

Unfortunately, our favorite industry insider is feeling a little under the weather, which always sucks, especially after having just come back from holiday. Feel better soon, ScriptGirl, we love you! Check out the latest video after the jump.

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“Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li” Movie Trailer

I’ve really wanted a proper Street Fighter movie to be made for one reason and one reason only: I want to see the motherfucking hadouken done in live action.

The hadouken — or the “fireball,” as it was simply called in arcades before video games became cool and widely accepted outside of nerd culture — was my favorite special move in Street Fighter II. (Let’s be honest, who really played Street Fighter??) And because of the way my movie nerd brain worked, I’d always hopeed for the day I’d go to the cinema and see it recreated for the silver screen.

Alas, that was not the case. The ’94 Street Fighter movie, an exercise in so bad it’s good in a cheesiness, is classic for all the wrong reasons. Its most severe transgression, however, was its piss poor handling of the hadouken. Through out the entire movie, I waited for Ryu to unleash this power, and during the fight against Vega, I knew it was coming. But do you know what we got? Do you know what we motherfucking got? Sparks. Yes, motherfucking sparks!

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“Transformers 2” Teaser Poster UPDATED

To satiate your Transformers fix, Michael Bay and company released the teaser poster for this upcoming summer’s blockbuster sequel, Revenge of the Fallen. (Awful title, btw.)

The poster is okay. Not going crazy over it, but it’s cool for what it is — a teaser. Anyway, enjoy.

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