Deity Bar & Lounge

On Friday, I updated both my Facebook and Twitter status with the following quote from Plato: Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man. I had no idea how apropos that quote would be that night.

I decided to attend Universal Language, a party that takes place every first Friday at Deity Bar & Lounge, a former place of worship-cum-nightspot, similar to NYC’s legendary Limelight but much more intimate. I’d heard of Deity a few weeks back from some ladies I’d met at Moe’s. They extended an invite to join them, but they themselves were getting a hook-up from some dude and … well, I just fuckin’ know better. Upon hearing about last night’s party, I decided to go. Why not? One only lives once.

I made the mistake of going by myself. That wasn’t the initial plan, I’d called my homegirl with the intention of asking her to join me, but there were phone issues and I got ready and left before she could call me back. In fact, I was already on the train when I realized I’d left my phone at home, plugged into its charger. Turned out not being a bad thing. Judging by the number of folks that had Crackberries, iPhones, and G1s out and in use, one could’ve thought the party was one massive textfest.

So if I’d brought my not-so-trusty Sidekick, I’d probably have been part of that SMS collective. Without having a mobile device or companion to fall back upon, I was forced to be social. Simply put, the people were cool, the atmosphere was chill, and I had a great fucking time.

The women were beyond spectacular. I’d even run into a few ladies I knew from around the nabe. Met quite a few artist-types as well. DJ OBaH kept the crowd moving with a nice selection of current hits and classic party jams.

Deity is a bit small, at least the upper room is. They didn’t open the downstairs until about 2am and by that time people were starting to head out. the dance floor was packed, and the trees in the middle of it unnecessarily takes up some much needed jook room. I enjoy grinding against a supple young woman, not tree bark.

Also, the bar is situated strangely in the middle of the venue and the bartenders didn’t seem to have an effective plan for dealing with the crowd. One bartender, a thin, pale bloke with a Chester mustache and Travis Barker-esque chest tats, pissed me off by asking what I wanted and then going off to fix drinks for three other people that had come to the bar after me. Did he forget? Is he stupid? I suppose we’ll never know. It’s okay, one of the other bartenders came over and took care of me right away. Instances like that are when I tip above 20%.

While I’m thinking about tipping for service, the coat check girl seemed slightly retarded. I didn’t appreciate how, at the end of the night, she carried on a ten-minute flirt session with some Jeru the Damaja lookin’ cat while I waited patiently with my ticket in hand. Rather than make a stink about it, I simply kept the intended $5 tip in my pocket.

Okay, so I focused on the negative a bit. That should not suggest, however, that Deity is bad. Not at all. Again, the vibe was chill. It was on some grown people shit. Drinks were reasonably priced, and once I settled on Cabernet, I was super straight for the night. A guy who possessed the swag, influence, and access of a manager/owner continually made conversation during the night, and I thought that was cool. He cares about his clientele. In fact, aside from Travis Barker-lite and Simple Jack at coat check, the staff was very friendly and accomodating.

I had a great time at Deity, and I’m looking to go back soon. They have a cool line-up, some talented resident DJs, and drink & bottle prices that anyone can get with, even in these harsh economic times.

368 Atlantic Ave.
(Hoyt & Bond Sts.)
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Photos courtesy of [Deity NYC]

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