Deborah van Valkenburgh

Okay, someone has got to explain this because I cannot take it anymore. “Deborah van Valkenburgh” has been one of AC‘s most popular search terms for months now. Who is looking for info on her?? What exactly are you looking for?? Is she that popular — more so than Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, and Beyonce Knowles, all of whom I’ve written about at one point or another??

It’s bugging me because I didn’t even write an entire post about Mrs. van Valkenburgh. I once — once!! — wrote a tangential footnote about her starring in The Warriors and Mean Guns. That’s it.

But seriously, according to my page stats, search engine look-up of “Deborah van Valkenburgh” bring up my modest blog as a result and I get a lot of hits from that.

So again, my question is, whatthefuck are you looking for? Is Deborah van Valkenburgh the new hotness for 2009? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

4 responses to “Deborah van Valkenburgh

  1. hahaahah who is she?

  2. what a difficult last name

  3. Haha. That’s Jackie from Too Close for Comfort, a sitcom from the 80’s. People prolly want to see how she looks now, cuz the last time I saw her she looked extremely OLD.

  4. Well, as the director of four of Deborah’s films (“Brainsmasher…A Love Story”, “Mean Guns”, “Sorcerers” and “Road to Hell” last year) I can attest to the fact she is still lovely and, more importantly, incredibly talented. She’s got a great quirky presence that has a loyal fan base going back to “The Warriors” and “Streets of Fire”. And she’s just a very nice and good human to boot.

    Albert Pyun

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