“Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li” Movie Trailer

I’ve really wanted a proper Street Fighter movie to be made for one reason and one reason only: I want to see the motherfucking hadouken done in live action.

The hadouken — or the “fireball,” as it was simply called in arcades before video games became cool and widely accepted outside of nerd culture — was my favorite special move in Street Fighter II. (Let’s be honest, who really played Street Fighter??) And because of the way my movie nerd brain worked, I’d always hopeed for the day I’d go to the cinema and see it recreated for the silver screen.

Alas, that was not the case. The ’94 Street Fighter movie, an exercise in so bad it’s good in a cheesiness, is classic for all the wrong reasons. Its most severe transgression, however, was its piss poor handling of the hadouken. Through out the entire movie, I waited for Ryu to unleash this power, and during the fight against Vega, I knew it was coming. But do you know what we got? Do you know what we motherfucking got? Sparks. Yes, motherfucking sparks!

It always boggled me that Mortal Kombat was the first (and still only) video game movie done right. The script remained true to the characters and, more importantly, the special moves from the game were included and looked as realistic as they possibly could have. I mean, Scorpion pulled his fucking mask off and was about to do his fatality! Fire-breathing skull, what?!

Why am I going on this tangent? Well, as you should know, a new Street Fighter movie will be in cinemas next month. Starring the delicious Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li and yummy Moon Bloodgood as I don’t know who someone not in the video game. I’ve been intrigued by the project for two reasons: Chun Li was always my favorite Street Fighter II character. When I beat Bison for the first time, I was using Chun Li. So, soft spot. But second, I felt that the filmmakers had a chance to do this right. Reboot. Reimagining. Reinvention. Do over.

So, will they succeed?? Iono, yo. The preview has some slick shit in it. Vega looks cool, and Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog is dream casting. But it doesn’t look like a Street Fighter movie at all. At least the ’94 version kept the cartoonish quality that was found in the video game. This looks like any ol’ wire-fu action flick, only with characters that have the names of our favorite fighting sprites. I’ll still see this, though, if for only one reason: in the preview, you can see Chun Li executing the hadouken (or whatever her version is called). Yes, in later versions of SFII, she was given her own fireball. Cool.

If you read all that, then good for you. I was just rambling. The preview for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li is below. Enjoy.

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