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ScriptGirl Report 2-27-09

Happy Birthday ScriptGirl!!You know it’s going to be a great report when ScriptGirl starts off the video flashing that winning smile of hers. This week, she talks to Geoff LaTulippe, who’s sold two spec scripts recently, with both sales having been reported by SG. LaTulippe, whom ScriptGirl dubs her favorite screenwriter, certainly serves as inspiration for those of us who wish to sell a screenplay so that we, too, may be featured in a future ScriptGirl video.

Find out what new projects Hollywood has purchased and plan to Mumbai-ify after the jump.

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“Blame It (On The Alcohol)” Music Video

BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL NAGGA!Jamie Foxx’s latest video, “Blame It (On The Alcohol),” featuring T-Pain, premiered on BET’s 1-0-Shits & Snark recently, and I gotta say, it’s fuckin’ doozy. Featuring Hollywood heavyweights Samuel L. Jackson, Forest Whitaker, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ron motherfucking Howard, and directed by Hype Williams, the clip is a throwback to when music videos were simple yet sexy and fun. Not even T-Pain’s coon antics could bring this one down. Although I have to wonder, is Nuvo really something a man is supposed to drink? I’m just sayin’.

Peep the video after the jump.

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New York Wine Expo

DRINK. WINE. YES!Being an Olympic-level alcoholic, I become excited whenever I learn of an event that celebrates and extolls the virtues of the good ol’ vino. That’s why I’m overcome with joy that the New York Wine Expo will begin on February 27.

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“Looks Like They’re Gonna Have to Find Someone Else to Write the Post!”

post_smThe homegirl SoulPitchDiva posted this parody/answer op-ed cartoon to the infamous one by cartoonist Sean Delonas and published in the New York Post last week. Delonas’ cartoon is, as the Huffington Post describes it, “rife with violent imagery and racial undertones.” Yet, amazingly, no one at the Post seemed to think so before giving it the green light.

Yep, looks like Beef Season is in full swing. Check out the full cartoon after the jump.

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Thanks to Rihanna Photo, Chris Brown May Go Unpunished

chrisbrowndefeatBecause I do not have the time, energy, or desire to write a snarky commentary on this new chapter of the Chris Brown/Rihanna domestic drama, the following passages are completely stolen from HipHopDX:

The recent and unauthorized release of an LAPD photo of Rihanna after an alleged domestic encounter with fellow singer Chris Brown may have been enough to keep the incident from every [sic] seeing the inside of a courtroom.

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ScriptGirl Report 2-20-09

sg1988They say things come in threes. In this case, it’s apologies. First, Chris Brown apologized (via song) for beating the shit out of Rihanna. Then, the New York Post offered its half-assed apology (to some) for running an op-ed cartoon they didn’t think could’ve possibly been construed as offensive. Now, it is my turn.

I must apologize to my wonderful friend ScriptGirl for neglecting her. I did not post last week’s update, and although she hit me up a few times, I did not respond. I am a heel. And I deserve to be included in the company of such incorrigible villains as Chris Breezy and the low Post. But unlike those two, I deserve forgiveness, no?

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“Funny People” Trailer

posterfunnypeopleSo, as is always the case when a new Adam Sandler comedy is announced, I approached Funny People with caution. The poster was released a few months back, and it didn’t really give any insight as to what the film would be about. It is, however, written and directed by Judd Apatow, he of The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up fame. So I knew it had the potential to be good. Entertaining, if nothing else.

The trailer is now up on the YouTube, and I must say, the film comes across much differently than I’d expected. It has more f a dramatic element to it, but it still remains very funny. Take a gander at Sandler and Apatow’s Funny People after the jump.

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